• Objectives

  • As the music landscape is getting more complex and fragmented, there is more needs for support and expertise. Facing today’s infinite artistic choice, a constant technological evolution and a multiplication of music formats, the public is rather lost and the artists have difficulties standing out of the crowd.


    • Gives a second life to analog reel to reel tape machines and use them, combined with carefully selected analog and digital technologies, to remaster music tracks so people can really connect with artists
    • Launches a unique immersive musical journey: powered by a state-of-the-art sound system and high definition visuals, the audience is in first class hi-fidelity travelling set to discover music masterpieces from all around the world, across time and genres
    • Offers a range of hi-fidelity sound systems, so people can enjoy listening to music at their place
  • Our Objectives:


    • Be recognized as the reference hi-fidelity music studio in Shanghai
    • Develop the flying music lounge concept in Shanghai in 2018, and later in other bustling cities around the world
    • Distribute a selection of European high-end audio systems in China
    • Become a world renowned independent partner for high-quality projects related to music